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Launcher - Quick Actions and Shortcuts!

Launcher is a universal iOS app that allows you to add actions, that can be activated by one tap. You can even schedule it to show up in notification center, and launch it later anytime!

SMS Signature+

The first, and best signature app for iPhone and iPad out! With the most features only for $0.99! 


-SMS Signature

-SMS Templates

-SMS Timer

-Voice to Text

-Text to Emoji

-Text to Symbols

-Emoji 2 keyboard

-And more! 

Music Enhancer

A whole new music experience for your iOS device! Select to play songs from your normal iOS device library, or put songs of your own in the documents folder to play as well! Includes full on coverflow, and shows all of your songs info! Even includes voice control!


Stops your music automatically at a time you choose, or even start it!